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Don’t be shy. Our friendly team are here for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Phone, Email, WhatsApp. You choose! 

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We’ll go the extra mile to ensure you receive the best support in every stage of your onboarding process. We’ll even reward you for referring a friend! 

Referring can get you €1,000

We love it when our care professionals spread the Muve word!  When you refer a care professional to us we will reward you with  tax free vouchers of up to 1000 as soon as they work 3 shift -  easy!

Look and feel your best

 We get it, taking care of your patients requires a huge responsibility and we want you to look your best while doing it! That’s why we provide all our Nurses and Healthcare Assistants with fresh uniforms and ID badge, ensuring professional look and feel every time 

Free Training support

We treat compliance with utmost care. From day 1 we will help you with keeping your training up to date, Garda checks and revalidation support. We want to have highest skilled professionals out there and we provide the resources free of charge to upskill our care professionals.  

Are you looking for a better way to find, book and manage healthcare professionals? Here at Muve, we are passionate about helping care organisations create efficient staffing solutions.

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We leave the lights on 24/7

Don’t be shy. Our friendly team are here for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Phone, Email, WhatsApp. You choose!

Cancellations happen

We don't charge costly cancellation fees. Cancel up to 5 hours before a shift. No small print.  

We source only the best

We understand the responsibility that comes with taking care of your patients. Muve deliver highest quality care professionals. We provide all our Nurses and Healthcare Assistants with fresh uniforms and ID badge, ensuring professional look and feel every time.  

Compliance matters most

We treat compliance with utmost care. Your compliance team is made up of industry experts with over 35 years of care experience. Registration, Gerda vetting applications, interviews and training. We leave nothing to chance.  

Muve team

Dedicated account manager working with you. From day 1.  Our specialist Business Development managers will take extra care to fully understand your requirements making sure we meet your needs 

Latest Jobs

Added a month ago

Registered Hospital Nurse Limerick

€34.50–€70.00 per hour


Muve are looking for driven and attentive Registered General Nurses in Limerick county



Added a month ago

Registered Nurse Hospital - Kildare

€34.50–€47.50 per hour


Exciting new opportunity for Registered Nurses who are required for our clients hospital in Kildare to work on an ongoing basis.



Added a month ago

ICU Nurse - Tullamore

€43.50–€57.00 per hour


Exciting new opportunity for ICU Nurses who are required for our clients hospitals in Tullamore


County Offaly

Added a month ago

Registered Nurse - Offaly

€34.50–€57.00 per hour


MUVE Healthcare Ireland are recruiting experienced Nurses to work in a busy hospital in Offaly


County Offaly

Added a month ago

Theatre Nurse - Tullamore

€43.50–€57.00 Per hour


We are looking for experienced Theatre Nurses to work for our client in a busy hospital



Added 2 months ago

Clinical Nurse Manager

€45,000 a year


We are seeking a Clinical Nurse Manager (CNM) for our Homecare division, to play a crucial role ensuring the delivery of high-quality care to patients in their own homes.



Added 3 months ago

Home Care Support Worker

€14.00-€25.00 per hour


Seeking Home Care Support Worker. 



Added 3 months ago

Theatre Nurse Tullamore

€43.50 - €57.00 per hour


Job Type: Part-Time



Added 3 months ago

Registered Nurse Offaly

€34.50 - €57.00 per hour


Job Type: Part-Time


United Kingdom

Added 3 months ago

General Medicine Consultant

Competitive Salary


Locum Post


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We offer access to a huge pool of temporary & permanent medical positions across the Republic of Ireland.

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Muve offers support, training and vetting making sure our care professionals are the perfect fit.

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homecare ireland

Personalized Care Experience

Our Live-in Care is designed to provide a deeply personalised experience, tailored to the unique needs of your loved ones. We prioritise understanding their preferences, routines, and health requirements, ensuring a care plan that truly suits them.

Carers as a Source of Joy

Our dedicated carers go beyond their role, becoming companions who bring joy into the lives of those they serve. Building meaningful connections, our caregivers foster an environment where every interaction is a source of happiness.

Familiar Environment

With MUVE, individuals can continue living in the comfort of their homes, surrounded by familiar sights and memories. This commitment to maintaining a familiar environment promotes a sense of stability and well-being.

Flexible Care Plans

We understand that needs evolve over time. Our flexible care plans are continually adapted to accommodate changing requirements, ensuring that your loved ones receive the necessary support as their health and preferences change.

Support in the Comfort of Home

Support in the Comfort of Home  Choosing live-in care offers an affordable and practical alternative to moving into a care home. It enables individuals to receive high-quality support while enjoying the comfort, privacy, and independence of their own home.


Our caregivers are trained to provide specialised care for various health issues, offering not only medical support but also emotional understanding to individuals facing specific health challenges.

Making Every Moment Count

MUVE prioritises creating a comfortable and secure atmosphere at home. Our caregivers ensure that the home environment remains a place of comfort, contributing to the overall well-being of those under our care.

Personal Connection with Carers

Knowing that a compassionate and skilled caregiver is present around the clock provides a sense of security to both individuals receiving care and their families. It fosters a trusting relationship that enhances the overall care experience.

Emotional Support in Daily Activities

Beyond physical care, our live-in caregivers create a healing space at home, offering emotional support in daily activities. This holistic approach contributes to the overall well-being and happiness of those in our care.

Muvers in every field

We cover full range of medical specialties making sure you can always find the cover you need.


Health Care Assistants/ Support Workers





Occupational Therapy

Operating Theatres

Speech & Language Therapy


Muve healthcare provides doctors of all grades and specialties to many hospitals and clinics throughout Ireland

Hospital & Clinic Staffing

Enhance your career with doctors of all grades and specialties at top hospitals and clinics across Ireland!

GP Clinics & Mental Health Services

Collaborate with individual GP clinics and mental health services for a diverse range of exciting job opportunities!

Registration Information

 Eligibility criteria and application routes are outlined on the Irish Medical Council's website. 

Competitive Compensation

Secure competitive rates and enjoy prompt weekly payments for all your approved timesheets.

Benefits & Assistance

Expect appealing pay, flexible job choices, 24/7 support, career guidance, visa/work permit aid, and comprehensive support for practicing in Ireland.

Registration Guidance

Navigate the registration process effortlessly! Our comprehensive guidance ensures you're on the right track to practice in Ireland hassle-free!

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Finding the right fit

Our diverse team help us find the best match for your specific needs. We understand the intricate details of the healthcare sector which helps us find the right care professionals for your specific needs - quickly and reliably.

We won’t settle for second best

We register and clear only the most qualified care professionals for the job. Muve provides extensive training to ensure that care is provided safely. With us, you’ll never need to worry about compromising on quality.

We Muve together

We create better and more effective ways to find the right talent. Stop relying on traditional methods and start leveraging the power of our cutting-edge recruitment solutions. Our team will help you revolutionise your recruitment process and find the perfect fit for your organisation.

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You’ll never have to worry about commitment issues. With our round-the-clock service and dedicated team, you can count on us to be your partner. We pay attention to your feedback and make sure we’re giving you the best service and support possible.

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